The department of Radiology offers unparalleled resources in the region. A full array of diagnostic and imaging-guided interventional services is provided at our premises. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology in a beautiful, comfortable environment, perform advanced image processing to support clinical care with the highest quality resolution.

Radiology Department

The radiology department works to identify all the problems presented, including undifferentiated problems, early states of illness, acute problems, chronic diseases, and rehabilitation. We consider the relationships between the physician and the patient, and the physician and patient’s family, as important aspects of health care.

Your medical practitioner serves as your advocate, irrespective of the level of care required within the system. Such advocacy helps each patient and/or family member to take an active part in the clinical decision-making process. What’s more, management plans are negotiated in collaboration with you to find the best solution, taking into account all factors of your health and requirements.