Patient Centered Care | Our Service Philosophy

At Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & Medical Center, the dedication to patient-centered care defines everything we do. This means that our doctors and support staff involve patients in decision making, treating patients with dignity and recognising they are individuals with their own unique preferences. In addition to the care we provide, we make certain that our patients are completely informed about their clinical status, the processes of their care, and self-care. We place the comfort of our patients as our highest priority, managing pain, providing assistance with daily activities and providing a surrounding environment that allows our patients to thrive.

Our training staff are highly capable and we have also adopted a model of care which is patient centered in its delivery. Patient centered care is the practice of caring for patients (and their families) in ways that are meaningful and valuable to each individual patient. It includes listening to, informing and involving patients in their care. Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patients needs and values guides all clinical decision making. We are incredibly proud of the wonderful team of professionals ready to provide you and your loved ones with a level of care unrivalled in Dubai and we wish you positive outcomes throughout your visit.