Muhammed Tawfiq

Vice Chairman

Mohamed Tawfiq is the founder of Al Tawfiq Consultancy and Administrative Services. Since its inception, with his legal and professional experience, he helped to form the brand name Al Tawfiq Consultancy and Administrative Services. Mohamed has 22 years of experiences in civil, commercial, corporate law, banking & finance, insurance, shipping, and international trade. He holds a bachelor degree in Law and had worked as legal consultant for some time. Mr. Tawfiq handles international legal issues of clients by managing client claims and disputes across the GCC or globally through other firms.

Mohamed participates in decision making, attends negotiations on business deals and he is focused on giving advices and guidance to clients. He ensures the firm is linked to GCC and global firms to provide optimal services to our clients who are confident of our ability to manage their cases.

Mohamed also helps to set up the basis of acquisitions and mergers of mega ventures and corporations. He co-manages the firm by approving the management policies, annual expansion and development plans and presenting the firm’s vision to executives for attainment and achievement review process.