Ms. Wafa Omar


Ms. Wafa did her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Batterjee Medical College, Saudi Arabia. Her expertise covers a broad spectrum of rehabilitation and physical treatments.


  • Rehabilitations Cases related to Total Knee Replacement, Post Shoulder arthroscopic, Arthroscopic Labrum Repair of the Shoulder (SLAP), Arthroscopic Reconstruction of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and repair of a torn, Meniscus, Bulging Lumbar Disc/Herniated Disc/ sciatica Nerve, Ankle ATFL Sprain, Post Frozen shoulder
  • Using Kinesio Taping technique
  • All kinds of musculoskeletal conditions Orthopedic and Sports injuries cases as Achilles Tendinitis, Knee Osteoarthritis, Chondromalacia
  • Using modalities as Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Shock Waves, Lazar Therapy, Paraffin Wax ,Hydrotherapies, Short waves , Tractions, Cold ultrasound
  • Care Rehabilitation postnatal (after delivery)
  • Traction manual therapy (Cervical Disc Bulged)
  • Assisting patients recovering from accidents (sports, fall or car accidents resulting in back, neck, limb or joint conditions)
  • Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Effleurage Massage, Trigger Point Release