Expert consultation, Diagnosis, Surgery planning & Daycare procedures which cover diverse aspects of classic General Surgery Operations (conventional & laparoscopic), mastering theatre and resuscitation procedures. Plastic Surgery procedures and cosmetic solutions, care of scars, burns treatment, varicose veins sclerosing injections.


Medical management of gastrointestinal diseases | Diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopy | Speciality clinics | Gastrointestinal surgery (laparoscopy & conventional) | Hernia surgery | Bariatric surgery | Hepatology & liver care | Paediatric gastroenterology | Gastrointestinal radiology | Gastrointestinal pathology | 24/7 emergency care, supervised by a certified gastroenterology doctor | Expert consultation from a gastroenterology specialist | Daycare procedures | Speciality clinics | Diagnostic and therapeutic upper GI endoscopy | Diagnostic and therapeutic Colonoscopy | Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound |Therapeutic ERCP for biliary and pancreatic work | Cholangioscopy | Advanced endoscopic imaging | Capsule endoscopy | Double balloon enteroscopy.

Day care Surgeries or procedures are carried out at Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & Medical Center and surgeries requiring in patient care are done at Emirates Hospital Jumeriah / DHCC.


Expert consultation | Management of skin diseases including allergies, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis | Acne treatment | Treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal skin infections | Management of vitiligo & acanthosis nigricans | Phototherapy | CO2 therapy | Radiofrequency ablation | Chemical peeling | Microneedling with dermarollers | Microdermabrasion | Cryotherapy | Minor excisions | Extractions | Paring | Electrocautery | Chemical cautery | Acne scar subcision | Platelet rich plasma injections | Laser hair removal | Laser skin resurfacing | Laser for pigmentary disorders & tatto removal | Laser skin rejuvenation | Laser ablation of benign skin lesions | Chemical reconstruction of skin scars | Injection of dermal fillers for wrinkles | Soft tissue augmentation with dermal fillers | Injection of botulinum toxin |skin biopsy | Mycology & molecular biology | Ear & nose piercing | Narrow band UVP.

Cardiology (Outpatient & Non Invasive)

Cardiac consultation | Cardiac structural/functional evaluation including advanced imaging | 2D/ live 3D echocardiography | Colour doppler imaging | Strain quantification | Trans-esophageal echocardiography including live 3D TEE | 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure | 24-hour electrocardiographic monitoring (Holter) | Cardiac stress testing including TMT, Dobutamine stress echocardiography | Head up tilt test (HUTT) carotid duplex ultrasound | Vascular duplex ultrasound | Management of cardiac arrhythmias | Management of acute coronary syndromes (STEMI and NSTEMI) | Cardiac blood profiling

  • All 24 hour services are available at Emirates Hospital Jumeriah / DHCC. Day Diagnosis and Monitoring is available at Motorcity Veincure (Specialising is Non Invasive treatments) Varicose Veins, Reticular Veins, Spider Veins, Facial Capalaries, Facial Veins, Excessive Swetting, Cellulite Reduction, Fat Removal, Warts, Skin Leisons, Anal Fistula, Pilondial Cysts, Hemorrhoids & Anal Fissures. All are same day procedures carried our by General Surgeon Specialist.