With the latest medical equipment and a team of highly-trained personnel, we provide thorough ear, nose and throat examinations, nasal endoscopic and laryngoscopic examinations, helping you breathe, eat and sleep easily again.

Procedures performed in the clinic include:

• General ear, nose and throat examination

• Microscopic examination of ears and any treatment required such as suction clearance of wax/debris, wick insertion, foreign body removal, myringotomy insertion for adults (slit in the ear drum) with or without grommets (ventilation tubes for glue ears) and biopsy of lesions

• Endoscopic examination of nasal cavities, sinuses, post nasal space and larynx in addition to any procedures required such as biopsy of any lesions, foreign body removal, insertion of nasal packs (anterior/posterior) for epistaxis (nose bleed) or chemical cautery

• Indirect laryngoscopy with or without removal of foreign body

• Reduction of fractured nasal bones under local anesthesia

• Biopsies of any lesions on the head and neck under local anesthesia

• Fine needle aspiration cytology of any swellings of the head and neck

• Incision and drainage of peritonsillar abscess (abscess around the tonsil)

• Tympanometry (audiological test)

• Endoscopic examination of upper airways and oesophagus in suspected malignant tumor cases. Procedures performed under general anesthesia include:

• Examination of nose/post nasal space with or without biopsy/removal of foreign body

• Adenoidectomy (removal of adenoids)

• Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)

• Reduction of fractured nasal bones

• Incision and drainage of septal haematoma/abscess

• Reduction of inferior turbinates (part of treatment for nasal blockage)

• Septoplasty (straightening the nasal septum)

• Tonsillectomy

• Oral cavity/oropharynx examination and biopsy of any lesions

• Panendoscopy with or without biopsies (endoscopic examination of upper aero digestive system in suspected malignant tumor cases)

• Lymph node biopsy

• Surgery for snoring

• Hypopharyngoscopy/oesophagoscopy and removal of foreign body

• Incision and drainage of aural (ear) haematoma

• Removal of foreign body from ear

• Insertion of grommets

• Examination of ear +/- biopsy of lesions

• Myringoplasty (repair of perforated ear drum)

Preventive Healthcare check up packages (Same as mentioned in EH Hospital brochure to be included in this section)