Dr. Maen Al Issa, MD

Specialist General Surgeon

Country of Origin: Syria

About Our Doctor

Dr. Maen Al Issa has more than 30 years of experience as a general surgeon, EHDSMC family can truly say: you can never go wrong with him. He has compiled a logbook of 4000+ surgeries which cover diverse aspects of classic General Surgery Operations. Mastering theatre and resuscitation procedures and equipment.

Very unique about Dr. Maen that heis alsointo various plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic solutions such as care for scars, burns treatment, varicose sclerosing treatment, tummy tuck, face dimples, and many other procedures.

With the long experience of Doctor Maen as a surgeon, he imparts his knowledge and wisdomthrough training and educating newbies with the same passion as his.


  • Master’s Degree in General Surgery.
  • Medical Director (Emirates Hospital Day Surgery and Medical Centre)
  • Head Surgeon (Emirates Hospital Day Surgery and Medical Centre)
  • Educator of medical students, nurses and the public
  • Fluent in English and Arabic


  • Surgical patients treatment
  • Operation Theatre and Emergency department management.
  • Conventional and Laparoscopic general surgeries (such as Thyroid, Breast,Abdominal, Varicose veins, Rectal, Hernias and many others)
  • Treatment of burns, scars and superficial varicose veins (sclerosing treatment)
  • Pain-free circumcision for baby-boys.

Visit our family at EHDSMC and get to know more about Dr. Maen. He will be gladly welcoming you.