Dr. Amjed Abu Muhanna

Internal Medicine Consultant

Country of Origin: Jordan

About Our Doctor

Dr Amjed Abu Muhanna is our Internal Medicine Consultant at Emirates Hospital Day Surgery and Medical Center. He has a vast and solid experience of treating patients confined for a variety of internal medicine problems for more than 15 years between the US, UAE and Jordan where he served both as a General Practitioner, Specialist Internal Medicine, and a Consultant Internal Medicine. He is very passionate about his profession and has a diverse interest in the field. Additionally, Dr. Amjed is very compassionate and insures to always give the best experience for his patients.

Dr Amjed is American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and a fellow in the American College of Physicians, Fellow of the Jordanian Society of Medicine as well as USMLE Certified.


  • MBBS, University of Jordan
  • Specialist Internal Medicine, USA
  • American Board Certified
  • USMLE Certificate


  • Diagnosis and Management of acute and chronic general medical conditions
  • Management of all types of Diabetes and complications with some aspect of other endocrine disorders
  • Screening check up
  • Prevention and management of hypertension,Dyslipidaemia and VitaminD deficiency
  • Management of Metabolic Syndrome (Central Obesity, Hyperglycaemia, Dyslipidaemia and Hypertension)
  • Variety of Internal medicine diseases, including HTN, dm2, Gastroenterology, endocrinology, and general internal medicine

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